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Version 3.0.0

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Released: Feb 11, 2015
Updated: Feb 12, 2015 by ichbin
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Release Notes

  • Functions: More integer, real, and complex advanced functions have been added. These include the complex Riemann zeta function, Clausen and polylog functions, and Bell, Bernoulli, and Fibonacci numbers. We have introduced a Permutation object along with methods that allow permutations to be generated, analyzed, multiplied, and applied. The spin objects and associated classes have been moved into this namespace.
  • Analysis: Classes and methods for the numerical analysis of user-supplied functions have been moved into this namespace. Our algorithms for multi-dimensional integration and optimization have been updated; they are becoming competitive with state-of-the-art dedicated libraries. We have added methods for global as well as local multi-dimensional optimization. Most analysis methods now return EvaluationResult objects that contain more information than a simple value.
  • Statistics: We have introduced a histogram class for analyzing discrete or binned data. We have updated several tests which used to use asymptotic null distributions to compute P-values to instead use exact or more accurate approximations to small-sample distributions. We have changed our maximum likelihood fit method to accept a simple factory delegate; it is no longer required that the distribution to be fit implement the IParameterizedDistribution interface.
  • Distributions: We have broken out properties common to both discrete and continuous univariate distributions into a parent UnivariateDistribution class. We have added cumulant methods for all distributions. We have introduced a MomentMath class that can convert between raw moments, central moments, and cumulants.
  • Matrices: We have implemented read-only matrices and vectors. These are now returned by many APIs whose result is a matrix or vector. Since we do not have to worry that the caller might change the returned object, we can simply return a reference to the underlying stored data without have to take the time and memory to copy it. Of course, if you do need to change the object you can simply call Copy and not have paid any higher price in time or memory than you did previously.
  • Core: We have introduced additional convenience functions in the MoreMath class, including trigonometric functions that are computed to full precision for all arguments.
  • Meta.Numerics is now a .NET portable class library (PCL), meaning the same DLL can be used by the desktop applications (framework version 4.0 and above), windows store apps, windows phone apps (version 7.5 and above), and Silverlight apps.
  • Since this is a major version bump, we have allowed ourselves to make breaking changes in ways that we believe improve the API organization. All previous functionality still exists. Mostly we have moved classes between namespaces, or methods between classes, or changed methods to properties. You should be able to quickly adapt most code built against 2.2.0 to use 3.0.0.

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Not applicable to Windows Universal App. Receive error message: Warning The assembly "C:\...\bin\Debug\Portable.Meta.Numerics.dll" does not have a NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute on it. To be used in an app package, portable libraries must define a NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute on their main assembly (ie, the one containing code, not a satellite assembly). ...\Portable.Meta.Numerics.dll
by JackDetrick on Jul 18, 2015 at 3:23 PM