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The Meta.Numerics.Functions namespace allows you to compute many advanced functions (e.g. Bessel functions) and to perform operations on your own functions (e.g. numerical integration).

Advanced functions are exposed by several static classes:
  • AdvancedMath: Advanced functions of real numbers, including Bessel, Gamma, error, and many others.
  • AdvacnedIntegerMath: Advanced functions of integers, including factorial, binomial coefficients, and several number-theoretic functions.
  • AdvancedComplexMath: Advanced functions of complex numbers, including the complex Gamma and error functions.
  • OrthogonalPolynomials: Orthogonal polynomials are a special class of advanced functions. This class can comupte values of Chebyshev, Legendre, Hermite, and Laguerre polynomials.

The FunctionMath class performs operations on arbitrary functions, including:
  • Root-finding
  • Minimization and maximization
  • Numerical integration

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